Niols’s Collection of (Mostly Unpublished) Scottish Country Dances

Welcome! I am Nicolas “Niols” Jeannerod; you are here on my domain. This website aims at gathering clean descriptions of Scottish country dances and tunes that would not be made easily available otherwise. I give them a stable, nice, warm home. In particular, it will contain all of my unpublished work. Feel free to send me your dances and tunes, if you want them “published”.

The goal is not to provide a new database. For this, the Scottish Country Dance Database does the job amazingly well. Therefore, this website will probably remain with very limited indexing capabilities. However, it might very well serve as source of dance descriptions for the SCDDB.

Note that the sources of this website are available on GitHub and backed up on the Software Heritage archive. The content of the website itself is backed up on the Wayback Machine. This makes this website very public and very stable. (Which, in my opinion, are great things, but heh.)

You are shortly going to be redirected to the index of dances. If not, please follow this link.