Niols’s Collection of (Mostly Unpublished) Scottish Country Dances

Drawn in

32-bar strathspey for three couples in a four-couple longwise set

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1st couple, giving right hands, dance a half figure of eight around 2nd couple. 1st man giving left hand to 2nd woman, and 1st woman giving right hand to 2nd man, turn once round.
1st couple dance in and cast off to second place.
1st couple, giving both hands, turn once and a half, while 2nd and 3rd couples chase clockwise halfway.
1st couple, giving right shoulder to third corner positions, dance reels of three on the sides with 3rd and 2nd couples, finishing with 1st couple passing left shoulder to finish facing first corner positions.
1st couple dance corner pass and turn with first corner positions, corners turning with both hands halfway and, pulling back right shoulders, dance out to the opposite corner position. 1st couple, passing right shoulders, repeat with second corner positions.
Repeat, having passed a couple.
Devised by Shannon Kiernan in March 2019.

Recommended music: The Translator, by Nicolas “Niols” Jeannerod.