Niols’s Collection of (Mostly Unpublished) Scottish Country Dances

In Strathspey Time, George, Please!

32-bar strathspey or 32-bar jig or 32-bar reel for two couples in a four-couple longwise set

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1st and 2nd couples advance, retire and turn one and a half times.
1st couple, followed by 2nd couple, lead down the middle for three steps. 2nd couple divide to allow 1st couple through and both couples lead up. On bars 15-16, retaining right hands, 1st and 2nd couple turn by the right to finish on own sides. [see note below]
1st and 2nd couples dance the poussette.
1st and 2nd couples dance right hands across.
1st couple turn by the right to finish in second place on own side. 2nd couple step up on bars 31-32. [see note below]
Repeat, having passed a couple.
Note: If danced in jig or reel time, the 1st and 2nd couples need to finish bar 16 in the middle of the set facing partner. After the poussette, 1st couple is already in second position and they therefore do not need to move down as they turn. 2nd couple do not need to step up.
Devised by Shona Holmes in August 2022.
George Meikle played wonderfully for our Units 2 and 3, even if not always in the tempo we wanted. This dance can be danced in your choice of tempo to reflect this.

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